Open Beta

The server is currently being developed, an Open Beta will be hosted soon!

Constant news in our Discord!

Lineage 2 Classic PvP Server

Experience the awesome PvP of the Classic chronicle without having to spend too much time farming. Rates are x1000!

Balanced, as all things should be

Classes, Skills, Items, Features… everything has been balanced for the PvP Experience. We focus on Solo, Party, and Mass PvP!


Remastered Gameplay

The PvP gameplay experience has been carefully crafted to offer the best Solo, Party, and Mass PvP possible. You will feel inspired by a mix of Interlude nostalgia and High Five standards, creating a remarkable version of Classic, how we believe it should have been.


New Community

We are creating a new Lineage 2 Classic PvP Community, being one of the few playable servers. We welcome everyone to play and have fun on our server and be part of the community. If you like the server, tell your friends to join, and let’s create a huge community!


Easy farming

Leveling up and getting S-Grade is really easy, so you are ready for PvP in no time. Farming for endgame items is a choice balanced by time investment and effort. It’s viable to farm, but the difference is not too much to imbalance PvP. No exclusive items from donations!